" Like the swift, yet graceful movement of a mermaid, this album flows flawlessly through a saturated music scene, leaving you in bewilderment of what you have just experienced ... Jade Diary’s debut is something Perth, and Australia, should be proud of.

- Renee Jones, 'Mermaid Album Review', The Music

"Jade Diary is an act that should rightfully find a place at festivals such as Coachella because Cheryl Lim is the kind of singer/songwriter that will eventually find a pace in the hearts of truly discerning music fans. It’s not often you get a chance to catch a future star before they’ve made it big, but if you purchase Mermaid by Jade Diary, you’ll more than likely have the future opportunity to say you knew this music before it was hip and popular."

- Dan McIntosh, Music Reviewer


Honest, passionate, dream-like, storytelling pop. If Stevie Nicks and Ellie Goulding were the eldest and the youngest sisters, Jade Diary would be the middle child, a truly unique voice.