Jade is the Chinese middle name of Singaporean-born singer-songwriter, dreamer and storyteller, Jade Diary, aka Cheryl Lim, who has lived most of her life on the shores of Perth, Western Australia. 'Authentic’ is a word that can be used to describe her music, just as one fan once told her, “I love how you bleed all over the stage”. Each song confidently balances acoustic, synth, dream electro-pop elements and “wraps around your eardrums and tugs until it has engulfed your whole body”, aptly said by reviewer, Renee Jones of The Music. If Stevie Nicks and Ellie Goulding were the eldest and the youngest sisters, she would be the middle child, a voice that is unique.

She successfully crowdfunded her EP, 'Love Thy Will Be Done' by raising $13,000 AUD through the pioneering European crowdfund site, Sellaband, gathering a faithful legion of European fans. From the 'Love Thy Will Be Done' EP, her single, 'A Thousand Days', a haunting and powerful song about forgiveness, shot up the national Australian Christian radio chart to number 10 within 2 weeks of its debut on radio.

After the release of her 'Love Thy Will Be Done' EP, Jade's debut album, ‘Mermaid’, was released. The album is haunting and atmospheric, taking the listener on an emotional journey; and explores the theme of coming to terms with the difference between fantasy and reality. The Music wrote, “Like the swift, yet graceful movement of a mermaid, this album flows flawlessly through a saturated music scene, leaving you in bewilderment of what you have just experienced. It’s hard to fault this album. Jade Diary’s debut is something Perth, and Australia, should be proud of.”

Following a tour to Brisbane and Sydney, she opened for chart-topping indie-rock band, Evermore, at the Easterfest festival in March 2013. Her collaboration with UK producer Pentaprism entitled 'Silver Clouds' earned her 2nd place in the Dance category of the 2013 MusicOz Australian Independent Music Awards. She then released a new single, entitled 'Jordan', and the best is yet to come.