Foxtel TV Appearance Friday 16 October

Hi guys,

Letting you know that Eddie and I performed a cover song on Foxtel Aurora Channel's
'The Couch' TV show
to be televised Friday 16 October at 3pm and 8pm (repeat) Perth time.

If you live in the East it should be televised Friday 6pm and 11pm.

Disclaimer: The Couch has given us the wrong information before regarding when we are televised, so please don't get annoyed with me if you watch the show and find that we did not appear!

If you miss the show or simply live outside of Australia, don't sweat because we will post the video on Youtube at a later stage.

#2 on

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride? Some time ago, 'Love Called Me Home' was no. 2 on's pop chart for a brief time. Didn't make it to no. 1 :(

But now 'What She Wants' is no. 2 on the pop chart. C'mon girl... go get that no. 1 spot! Go to to check out our current standing. The chart will shift and change, so let's hope it changes in our favour!

Free Songs

Our two new demo tracks are still in post production. I'm sorry for the wait, but we will be sure to send you the link to download once they're ready! Patience ...

Image Revamp

Stay tuned cos we're going through a bit of an image change... can't say too much cos it's a bit of a secret ;) Will it be punk/goth/EMO/Britney lookalikes/Manga... who knows! Maybe all of us will get piercings? That's for me to know and for you to find out! Hint, our TV appearance only hints at the image change.

Well thanks for reading and hope you enjoy our little TV appearance!


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