New Look Website and Emergenza


Busy busy busy... preparing for our Single Launch, Emergenza competition heat, working on new songs, recording ... lots going on! Having fun in the process...


We are competing in Emergenza, an international 'battle-of the-bands' type competition where bands compete for international exposure.

28 May Friday 9pm: The Rosemount Hotel, Northbridge, Perth.

WE NEED YOUR VOTE ON THE NIGHT! The audience democratically selects all the bands going through the next rounds. The vote is open to the crowd and they vote as many times as they like for as many bands as they like.

Pre-order your tickets at our Store with us for $15 each. You'll only need a credit or debit card to purchase... no need for Paypal account if you don't have one. If you don't want to purchase it through our store online, just email me and I will gladly make other arrangements with you.

$15 includes:
- entry into the Rosemount to see us and other bands perform/compete in Emergenza

If you pay at the door on the night it will be $20 and you won't get a CD.

You get to decide which bands stay or go... now that's power! Become Simon Cowell for a night... ;)

To show your support on the night, you can choose to wear something in your favourite shade of green (jade ;)!

Emergenza is the world's biggest festival for unsigned bands with more than 150 cities around the world.

All national winners will play at the international final in Germany. The best band in the world as voted by the jury will then get a full production, a tour, music instrument and other technical material.

New-look Website!

Our website has had a face-lift, make-over, revamp... hope you like it! Check it out:

There are also new pictures of us!

Question and Answer

We'd love to answer any questions from you about our songs, us, our favourite breakfast food, most embarrassing album purchased, pet peeve etc. So if there was a question you were burning to ask, please email us and we'll try our best to answer you here in our next e-letter to you. Bring it on baby!

Signing off,

Cheryl on behalf of The Jade Diary

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