Cupcake anyone?

Cupcake anyone?

Welcome to my never-ending tea party...

This is a photo from a recent photoshoot and you can see more of the 'tea party' shots if you go to My sis-in-law, Annie, made those tasty cupcakes by the way... thanks Annie! Remember to invite me 'round to the house for a few more for din-dins ok? ;)

The photo-taking spree has not ceased, because I am preparing for PHOTOSHOOT Part Deux this Saturday! This time it'll be a different theme and I'm not telling what it is ....sssh. I think I'm just trying to re-live sad, old un-realised childhood dreams of becoming a model and fashion stylist haha. You can ask my shrink!

Behind-the-Scenes: Recording 'Start Over Again'

I've put together a short video of my behind-the-scenes fun in Sydney this past April. It's a recording involving cello (I LOVE Cello) of one of the 12 songs, 'Start Over Again'. This one's a ballad. The album is very diverse though, and you'll find a song for almost every kind of mood you might think of... :)  Click on the link or image below to have a squiz... Media

New Facebook Page

The more observant of you may notice that I have dropped 'The' from my name.... now JADE DIARY. Facebook (double grrrrrrrrrr) would not allow me to change my facebook fan page name to 'Jade Diary'. Therefore I have had to start a brand new Facebook Fan page: I would mighty appreciate you having a look and 'LIKING' my new page! x

That's all for now my sweets!


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