67 Reasons Why You Should be a Duck

You must think that I've lost the plot.

But really, I'm learning how to be more like a duck. Or as my pretty friend (no she's not really my friend lol), Taylor, said ever so wisely, 'shake it off'. 

As a creative person, I've found that hyper-sensitivity is a natural in-born trait of mine. Ever since I was a child, I was told 'stop being so sensitive', 'you're too sensitive'. It was drilled in to me since day 0 that being sensitive is a negative trait. And that is largely due to the culture I was born in - Singapore - a pressure cooker environment where performance is everything, and anything less than that was a cop out. Fit in or be left out in the cold.

Sensitivity was something I hated about myself. Sad to say. 

Over the years I learned that sensitivity is a God-given trait of mine. As Jeff Crabtree so eloquently speaks about sensitivity or 'skinlessness' in his brilliant must-read 'Living With a Creative Mind' book: 

"The creative mind is wired with the ability to feel with great depth and passion. Creative people often experience the world in a way we call skinless – as if they lack the protective shield and instinctive filtering that we normally use to cope with the barrage of sensory information that comes at us all."
Crabtree speaks of this 'skinlessness' as necessary for a creative person - it is because we are like 'sponges' soaking up the emotions and the environment around us - this helps us to reflect back the information and emotions that we take in and re-shape them so as to create the art that we need to create. Our sensitivity enables us to do what we were born to do. But it is a double-edged sword. As much as it enables us to create, it also means that we suffer greatly - more so than those who do not have this same 'gift'. I try to remind myself that it really is a gift not a curse after all.

So, no I do not have 67 reasons as to why you should be a duck. But I have one very good reason for myself (and maybe you can take this away with you too): you must be a duck that does not soak up the water but repels the water droplets so that it floats on the surface. The water does not sink them - and this helps them to stay afloat or survive the harshness of life. 

I recently had a very bad day. I won't say what happened exactly - but I was criticised. It seemed frustrating to me when I tried so hard to please everyone. 

So I had to learn to be more like a duck. 

And in so doing I learned the importance of being an encourager rather than someone who does the opposite. To build up, not tear down. There is so much tearing down in the world, that it's easy to swing with the tide and do the same. But no. Let's not tear down today. Let's build someone up. Is there someone in your life who needs encouragement today?

Music Video news

Some of you may remember that I am releasing a single with a new music video to accompany it. And it was supposed to be released around March. Thank you for your patience, but as with many things in life, things don't always go according to plan. And I've had some major setbacks creatively with this and emotionally as well. It's not always easy trying to move something along when you are a solo artist. But the shoot date has been scheduled for July. I make no promises, but hope to release it to you some time in the next few months. I'm thankful that you are patient with me. 

But in the meantime, think about being an ENCOURAGER. x