A rose for you

Hey romantic people (everyone's a romantic at heart;)

Happy 14th of Feb whether you're single or not! If you're attached, then it's time to celebrate your love for your partner. If you're single, then it's time to celebrate your singledom!


As many of you know, I have a big 2011 planned and am currently working with producer, David Skeet, on the songs which will feature on my album. We've got some fantastic songs for you (aaaaah.... PRESSURE!)!! No really, I'm looking forward to starting work on these beauties ...

I have a few rabbits up my sleeve!

There will be songs about good ol' fashioned love, heartbreak, fairy tales, mythical creatures, strange lands, joy, pain and peace. A roller-coaster ride of emotions ... just the way I like my albums.

Pre-production will start mid-March where the songs will be started. I guess you can say we'll be 'drafting' up the songs during these sessions.

Recording the Album

The album will be recorded in Sydney! My bags will be packed and I'll be leaving in late March. Pretty exciting! My apology for the gratuitous use of exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!

Pre-Order the Album

You can pre-order my album now at http://www.indiegogo.com/jadediary for only $20! And there are only 57 days left for you to do this so what are you waiting for?

Who is David Skeet?

(See the copy and paste queen at work ;)

You can hear some of David's excellent work at http://www.shelleyharland.com and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=arFl_MfdULg

David Skeet is an English born producer currently residing in Sydney. His formative years were spent in the UK where he developed a broad and eclectic taste in music. On his arrival in Sydney, he made his mark as an original and unique guitarist primarily with highly regarded band the Venetians who released 12 singles and 3 albums over a 6 year period and this, combined with Skeet's collaborative nature as a songwriter/arranger and skills as a multi-instrumentalist, cast the die to embark on a career as a record producer. Skeet lived and worked in Los Angeles for eight years as a producer/composer/recording artist with his own project God no.9 with singer Cassie Giles as well as working with other luminaries such as Dave Stewart, Andy Prieboy, Mark Goldenberg, Concrete Blond and worked extensively on soundtracks and artist developement.

Since returning to Sydney he has produced the critically acclaimed album Trigger for Sony artist Sandrine, produced recordings for Brooke Fraser, Kate Miller-Heidke,The Church, George Byrne to name but a few and has completed production for albums by New York artist Shelley Harland, Wons Phreely due for release this year. Currently working on albums for The Falls, My Idle King, Merise and have just completed tracks for Tiare Helberg's Zephyresque and whose critically aclaimed Limited Edition EP, The Iconsolable Isolation Of Intimacy can be heard playing here.

It's time for some zzzzzzzzzzzzzs!

Have a wonderful week ahead :)