Angry song waiting to be born...

Songs... sometimes they come to you at 3am in the morning after a dream. You wake up in a daze and it demands that you stumble across a dark hallway towards the nearest mobile phone, press record and croak out the melody (I'm pretty sure that's how I wrote Love Called Me Home). Otherwise it drifts away from you, never to be remembered again. Where do all the unwritten songs go? Like shapeless ghosts waiting to be discovered, I think they linger around hoping to bump into some other poor unsuspecting musician with a severe case of writer's block, which is a great description of me at the moment.

Actually, I wouldn't say I have a severe case of writer's block. Came up with an upbeat pop/rock melody the other day (imagine something that's got a bit of a Kelly Clarkson feel like "Miss Independent"). It's definitely got an angry or sarcastic feel to it. But the words are not coming to me. I wrote some lyrics to it but they are annoyingly lame. Lameness flows abundantly on some days ... Well, at least I'm aware of the lack of quality. It's a worry when a writer deludes himself/herself into thinking that it's the best song they've heard in a long time! But here's the thing, sometimes we get too close to the project and develop biased feelings (good or bad) for it. The real test is when you play the song for someone you trust.

Maybe you can be of assistance. If you're angry, frustrated about something or have an interesting story to tell that would fit the style of song that I've written, I'd like to know about it. I may or may not use your song idea but either way would love to hear from you. Feel free to comment on this blog and tell me your ideas. If it's a personal issue and you'd like some confidentiality, just email me directly with your thoughts.

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Signing off,