Happy New Year! No. 1 on Soundcheck...

Happy New Year's Eve or Day (depending on when you read this)!

2010 is upon us and you've probably got a mental checklist of New Year resolutions ... 'get in shape', 'cure global warming', 'win a Grammy' or for those of you with lower expectations: 'try not to get abducted by aliens'.  

The new year for us promises to be a super busy year with a lot of hard work, performances and blatant, unabashed self-promotion! It's going to be a 'look at me, look at me' kinda year (for Kath and Kim fans read: 'look at mooi').

Soundcheck Competition = No. 1 and Featured Artist

Thanks to your daily votes we are currently no. 1 (as I write this) on the Soundcheck Competition Elimination Chart. Also 'Featured Artist of the Week' which is really fantastic!

What does being on the Elimination chart mean? Well, if we stay in the top 10 of the elimination chart by 22 March, we get in the final round of the competition. Once in the final round, all songs competing have their votes turned back to 0. So in the last 2 weeks of the competition fans will vote madly for their favourite songs. 

We calculated that we need a minimum of 200 votes per day for 16 days to ensure our placement in the top 5 by the end of the competition. The top 5 will be given a chance to win up to $50,000 and perform in the Showcase event with lots of A&R managers and record labels checking them out. 

This is definitely something achievable for us, if we continue to have your daily votes to:

a) keep us in the top 10 of the Elimination chart until 22 March;
b) get us into the final top 5 by the end of the final round starting 22 March 2010.

Here are the links to vote again:

It would be awesome if you could vote for all the songs :)

So a BIG THANK YOU to you for voting for us, listening to our music, supporting us on Sellaband, reading our E-letters, sending us encouraging messages on Facebook, myspace, email etc. Every little thing you do really matters to us ... hey it's not easy being a starving, tortured artist... ;o) 

All right ... try not to overdose on champagne, caviar or excessively off-key versions of Auld Lang Syne tonight and you're all set for 2010!

Have a really fantastic year from Renee, Jarvis, John, Eddie and me at The Jade Diary.