Recording in the Lounge Room


Yes we've been a little quiet recently, but have actually been busy little iSnack 2.0 Vegemites ;o) ...

Recording Tracks and Free Song Giveaways

Apart from the odd acoustic gig at The Publican Cafe, we've been recording new demo tracks in my living room with a very cool sound engineer, Peter Gigengack! If you want to check out a very shaky video (a la 'Blair Witch Project' style)... was limited by space so I couldn't get the whole band and Renee was behind a wall... sorry! But it''ll give you a feel for what happened anyway. Go to to see the video.

To thank you for your fantastic support of us and incredible patience, we are going to be giving away FREE SONGS to you in the future. The first FREE SONG (brand new track) is in post-production at the moment and will soon be able for your downloading pleasure!

If you have friends who may be interested in our music, perhaps you can forward this email to them and they are more than welcome to subscribe to the mailing list at to get their hands on some FREE DOWNLOADS in the near future.


For a few months we were very quiet on Sellaband: But things are different now. For those who are unfamiliar with Sellaband, it's a website where artists can get direct funding for their albums/projects by 'believers', i.e. fans who want to support an artist financially. They can purchase a 'part' in an artist for $10. Once the artist meets the target set (which can now be $50,000 or less), the artist gets a large proportion of the funding for their project (e.g. record an album, promote the band, photos etc.). Believers will also have a share of revenue from sales of the album etc. You can find out more at

As part of 'The Dream Team' (a group of Sellaband artists), we are currently being promoted on a Syndicated Radio Segment as 'Featured Artist' of the day. It's wonderful exposure and a great way to be introduced to new fans.


Our facebook page ( has been really busy with lots of traffic. We are celebrating the fact that we now have over 100 fans! Last count was 103... and growing! A fun little community is being formed there, so I'd encourage you to join us on Facebook too!

OK... stay tuned for FREE SONG downloads (brand new tracks) in the near future! But first, you have to be a mailing list subscriber!

Thanks again for your patience...



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