Sublime TV Performance and Sellaband Top 5 Gainers!


Full Band TV Appearance

Had fun filming our appearance on The Couch as a full band for their 300th anniversary televised on Foxtel. It was cool to get dressed up and get our make up done for us. The audience showed us lots of love and gave us really great feedback! We'll post up a Youtube of it soonish :)

John and Eddie
John (drummer) and Eddie (guitarist)

Renee looking hot... getting her make up done.
Check out the MJ impersonator at the back - he was cool!

Sellaband Top 5 on the Weekly Chart!

What is Sellaband?

A reputable website where fans can directly fund an artist's album by becoming a 'believer'. Basically the music fan 'becomes the record company'. Even big names like Public Enemy are using Sellaband to fund their albums these days. It's a very gratifying process because fans get lots of great stuff in return like the CD once it's complete, a portion of the album revenue and other cool incentives. For more information go to

Everyone who buys a part will get a CD of our first album (think of this as a pre-order of our album) and share in 65% of our album sales. There are other great incentives we're offering like a private concert or life-time VIP pass to our shows.

We were quiet on Sellaband for a long time due to various reasons: the economic crisis (lots of people pulled out), Sellaband had lots of technical issues, band members leaving us, the inflexibility of the whole system (artists could only raise $50,000 and could not set their own targets or change the plan to suit them). And we lost hope of ever succeeding through the Sellaband system. Well, glad to say that we are back with a vengeance and mean business now! And our hope is very much renewed and we plan to take this thing all the way.

Our new custom Sellaband plan is to raise $35,000 to fund a 12-song album and DVD. For details about our plan please go to

Proud to say that currently we are no.5 of the top gainers on Sellaband: Of course this is a live chart and will change throughout the week. But right now as I write this we are no. 5!

We would love your support through Sellaband ... it doesn't have to be much money ... every little bit counts! It would make our dream a reality and you will get to share in our success :)

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