The Album


Hope you are having a great start to Christmas... only a few sleeps away! I'll be having a hot Christmas here in Perth... traditionally it gets up to 40 degrees Celsius... still dreaming of a white Christmas!

Since I hit 100% on Sellaband, it's been a bit crazy. Working on songs, demos, organising recording... busy!

All along, I have wanted to record a full-length album, however because of the uncertainty surrounding finding the funding on Sellaband for a full-length album (it would have taken much longer to reach my goal and there was a deadline), I had to settle on raising money for half an album (about 5 songs). Therefore I am now seeking an additional amount of money to record a full-length album.

Please go to or click on the image below to find out how I am going to record a full album and how you can pre-order it!

You can go ahead and share my indiegogo link with your friends through facebook, myspace, email, twitter!

And by the way, why does youtube always have to pick the most awkward looking image to freeze on?! Looks like a fishy face :-o

Anyway, it's all pretty full on and exciting... looking forward to 2011 and I hope you are too!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!