Video Killed the Radio Star?


Radio Interviews

We will be doing 3 LIVE radio interviews in the next week (Perth, Western Australian time):

Today (Friday) between 6pm - 7pm Twin Cities 89.7 FM. You can go to to listen online for those of you who don't live in Perth!

Monday night (14 June) around 8pm 'Twilight Zone' show on Radio Fremantle 107.9 FM. Go to to listen online.

Saturday (19 June) around 2pm RTRFM 92.1. Go to to have a listen!

Girl With No Name 19 June Single Launch @ The Civic Hotel

Just received the finished tracks from Rob Agostini of Soundbaker Studio who mastered them. They are sounding awesome and the artwork for the single cover is beautiful, thanks to Anne-Alexia Louarn from France, our Graphic Designer extraordinaire!

Funny how the creative forces put into this single have come from different places around the world... Norway, France and Australia. I think the CDs themselves were printed and duplicated in Hong Kong or China (?)... ! Well everything's 'made in China' these days! Heehee...

We are excited to share the single with you at our Single Launch on 19 June @ The Civic Hotel, 981 Beaufort Street, Inglewood. It's going to be a fantastic night... so don't miss out!

Guest Appearances by:
Sonja D'Anne & Toni Italiano (

Entry: $12 with CD

The Next Big Thing Heats - We're in!

We got selected into The Next Big Thing Competition heats on 2nd July @ The Civic Hotel! Competing with Village Kid, Trent Williams, Michael Gabriel & The Quixotics, Endora, Good Little Fox and Short Fuse.


Soundcheck organizers are having difficulty securing a venue for their grand Showcase show that we were requested to perform in as one of the finalists. They have informed us that they will give us at least 1 months' notice of the date and venue. So at this point in time, we are waiting to hear from them. I'm sure it will be really exciting when we finally get to Melbourne!

Happy Birthday or Gratulerer Med Dagen Renee and Eddie!

Happy Birthday or Gratulerer Med Dagen (oh Google, how did we ever live without you :) to Renee and Eddie who just had their birthday or are about to in the next week!  Spring chickens... ;)

Hope you have a really wonderful weekend... I know we will!

Cheryl on behalf of The Jade Diary

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