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This is where you can download some free songs have a look at my home-made mini rockumentary of the making of my 'Love Thy Will Be Done' EP.

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The Making of 'Love Thy Will Be Done'

Recording 'Tomorrow' and Silly Dance

What happens when you mix a very late hour in Spacejunk Studio, a wee bit of champagne, one sleepy singer-songwriter trying to stay awake, hard-at-work producer, David Skeet, on the organ, and professional drummer (Tim Powles of The Church) recording drums.

"Do it again with the glasses!"

Simon Rudston-Brown, guitarist, and David Skeet, producer, clowning around in the studio pretending they're the Beatles... but Simon should've done it with the glasses! LOL.

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  • Mermaid


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Jade Diary's debut album: Mermaid. Buy it now at a special price for VIPs (normal price $20) BUT FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!

Featuring 10 tracks:

  1. Mermaid
  2. World in Your Hands
  3. A Thousand Days
  4. Cold Hearted
  5. Sweetest Song
  6. Rivers
  7. Lucid Dreams
  8. Start Over Again
  9. Welcome to Vegas
  10. Born of a Lover's Pain

The Sonic Reverie, a UK-based music website wrote: “'Mermaid' is the first full length release from Cheryl Lim's project, bringing together her dulcet tones with her humble tunes and choruses the size of Everest. The one thing I respect most about Jade Diary, and 'Mermaid' only serves to further this, is that Lim's songwriting is second to none. She pens songs that, given enough backing and support, could easily crack the mainstream.”

Produced and recorded by David Skeet (who's worked with Kate Miller-Heidke, Brooke Fraser and Dave Stewart of The Eurythmics). Drums by Tim Powles of The Church. Mastered by William Bowden (Gotye's 'Making Mirrors').

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Love Thy Will Be Done (CD)
  • Love Thy Will Be Done (CD)


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Special discounted CD price because you are so special (normal price of $12)! x


Jade Diary's sophomore EP release, 'Love Thy Will Be Done', was produced by David Skeet (Kate Miller-Heidke, Angus and Julia Stone, Brooke Fraser), featuring drums by Tim Powles of The Church and mastered by William Bowden (Gotye's 'Making Mirrors').

Jade Diary interprets the Prince-penned Martika hit single, 'Love Thy Will Be Done' with an ethereal, quiet power. Her self-penned 'A Thousand Days' is a haunting and compelling piece about forgiveness. The emotional journey continues with a wistful 'Tomorrow' bringing you into a lonely, glowing neon-lit city that never sleeps. In 'Sublime' she sings about infatuation, while 'Long Way From My Home' is a heart-breaking ode to lost love.

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